Your partner to sell in China

We help you entering and promoting the development of your brand In the Chinese market. We guide and accompany you throughout the whole process.

Your own export department

We are your own export deparment for Chinese market. Our goal is building a bridge that leads your brand to the success in China.

Exporting to China is hard enough. Much harder if you are not familiar with this market.

You need to be updated with the last trends of its consumers, understanding Chinese, understanding the administration and bureaucracy and deploying the suitable marketing strategies.

Now it is the time to do so: the growth of Chinese middle class and the overwhelming figures reached by its online business make it a most attractive market to be considered.

No matter you are a manufacturer or a trader of products addressed to final consumers or companies, we help you get it introduced in the Asian Giant.

At Wandermate we are specialized in successfully establishing Western brands in Asian market. We go hand by hand throughout the whole process, from doing the necessary bureaucracy to marketing, warehousing and selling.

Do you want to know how we can guide you in your way to China?

Tell us about your brand and expectations in this market. We will tell you what the possibilities of succeeding in this market are. We only consider projects with real possibilities of success since our benefit depends on it.

Providing a global solution to achieve the success of a brand in China is in our DNA. We go hand by hand throughout this process of exporting and establishing the brand in the Asian giant, from bureaucratic procedures and marketing strategy, to logistics, operation and sale.

Why rely on Wandermate?

Being your partner in this journey, we take care your trip to the East runs safely.

We design a tailor-made project for each brand and look after its interests.

Our budgets are adjusted to the maximum because our benefit is based on getting real sales in China. We are so confident in our work that we only work to success.

We believe in honesty, communication, hard work and a well done job. We establish bonds of trust that allow us to work with total transparency.

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    How can we help you?

    B2C. We help you selling online in China

    We create your online store on the main e-commerce platforms and develop a marketing and communication strategy on social networks that best suit your product.

    B2B. We help you selling offline in China

    Whether exporting directly or making distribution through your own branch, we help you in all the necessary stages to take your product to China. From beginning to end.

    Our services


    The first step to sell in China is the registration of your brand. If you want to go offline, you may be interested in creating your own branch. For these and any other issue you need to deal with, we take care of all tasks: contracts, outsourcing, human management and everything you need.


    Entering the Chinese market means keeping in mind the trends and tastes of the oriental consumer. We take care of adapting your brand and your product to the Asian market and creating the marketing strategies so that you consolidate your brand as a reference in China.

    • Branding
    • Marketing
    • Creation of brand pages on the social media matching better with your product
    • Content creation in Chinese
    • SEO and SEM strategies in the main Chinese search engines


    If you want to sell online in China, in addition to creating your store in the most successful e-commerce platforms, we take care of the managing stocks, transfer of goods and other logistical processes that are necessary to take your products to the final consumer.

    If you want to sell offline we will take care of warehousing, stocks management and delivery to distributors.

    Industries we work with


    Nutritional supplements

    Fashion and accessories


    Companies that have already trusted us

    Do you have any other question?

    Most frequent questions

    What is your meaning of being successful in China and how long will it take to achieve?

    The meaning of success is defined together with our client. Although there are many steps to consolidate a brand in China, ultimately we measure success in sales. Each project has its own path, either through the entry chosen channel, the sector in which it works, the investment willing to assume in promotion, etc. In our experience, we start to harvest the first sales after 3 months since establishing the store on the chosen e-commerce platform (s).

    What is the meaning of being your profit based on the success of the project?

    We prepare an annual budget based on the promotion and brand development work that the client is willing to undertake. Our profit is based on a commission that we apply on sales, so that we are the first interested in that the project works in a sustained way. Our goal is to generate sales as soon as possible, but always being faithful to an expansion and content policy agreed with the brand. We want projects that both parties are interested in working for in the long term.

    What do you take care of?

    From the market analysis, to designing the best entry and/or expansion strategy of the brand, contracts preparation, bureaucracy, stocks control, branch management (offline), sales report, content preparation … In general, all tasks aimed at making the brand grow in the Chinese market.

    Do you charge any commission or you have some predetermined fees?

    Our profit is based on the commission that we apply on sales. At this point we have to analyze the project, see what investment the brand is willing to assume, study the market, etc. We encourage you to let us know about your project and we will analyze it and agree on it together. As we say, we are your export department for China.

    How can I contact with you?

    You have several ways to contact us. You can simply fill out the form, and we will respond to you in less than 24 hours. You can also contact us on Whatsapp (+8618694515766), call us at the phone number +34679896877 or send us a direct email to the address: c.adell@wandermate.es.