B2B services

We help you selling offline in China

We take your products to China and create a network of distributors to sell them.

We know what you are wondering …

Selling in China?
Is that possible?

We are used to see Chinese products on our shelves, never the other way around. But the rules of the game have long changed.

There are more and more Chinese consumers who demand products from other countries, looking for the quality that theirs do not have.

You can sell in China and conquer a market that, until now, was hermetic.

And at Wandermate we make it easy for you: we are able to export your brand to China thanks to our knowledge of the country, its culture, its bureaucracy, its economy and its consumer trends.

Tell us about your brand and what you want to achieve without compromise. We will tell you what is the optimal route to introduce and consolidate your brand in the Chinese market.

We also started from scratch in China

“China is the world’s factory, there is no business there” this is what they told us over and over again. But we knew that those who continue to think this way are years behind. China has ceased to be the world’s factory to become a world power.

When we settled in China things were not easy. There were many barriers. Yet we persist. And today we can say that the effort was worth it.

Thanks to our work we have helped Spanish brands to export their products to China. If you are looking for conquering their e-commerce platforms, be a recognized company and, ultimately, be among the western brands that can say “I sell in China”, we can help you. Why don’t you let us accompany you?

Services for your brand to sell in China

We take your products to Chinese distributors to be sell in the market. If what you want is to sell offline, either by exporting directly from the source, or by managing your own branch in China, we take care of bringing your product closer to the Asian Giant.


We take care of organizing everything you need to make your business work.


Shipping and import of goods


Product positioning in warehouse


Stock management, reporting and replenishment


Management of shipments to distributors

Bureaucratic procedures

Bureaucratic procedures in China can be delayed forever if you don’t understand the language or the administrative framework. We take away the paperwork to take care of a process that we are already used to.


Creation of the Chinese branch in the formula that best suits the company


Administrative paperwork

Relationship with authorities in everything related to the operation of a company in China: taxes, procedures, labor ...

Company management

From the relationship with the staff to the outsourcing of services, procedures with the Chinese authorities … we will not avoid the procedures but we will make them understandable and bearable


Search and management of distributors spread by geographical areas


Relationship with the staff and providing the services necessary for management, such as finance, warehouse, sales ...

Why rely on Wandermate?

Being your partner in this journey, we take care your trip to the East runs safely.

We design a tailor-made project for each brand and look after its interests.

Our budgets are adjusted to the maximum because our benefit is based on getting real sales in China. We are so confident in our work that we only work to success.

We believe in honesty, communication, hard work and a well done job. We establish bonds of trust that allow us to work with total transparency.

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